UK Plus Markets Company can list on the GXG Markets utilizing Broker Sponsor IFXBG

The recent announcement of the Plus Markets closure over the next 6 months now makes the GXG Markets the only other alternative investment market, next to the AIM, in London. The UK Stock Market, GXG Markets offers companies listed on the Plus-SX a three-tier alternative market to list on while the Plus markets wind down.

GXG Markets UK broker dealer IFXBG Limited is capable of fast track admission and sponsorship of firms onto the MTF (Multi-trade Facility). IFXBG works with several MIFID compliant European Stock Exchanges, of which one of the markets it clears stock and lists firm on as a broker is the GXG Market. A GXG market quote will ensure that the PLUS quoted companies will experience minimal disruption to their operations, whilst their shareholder will continue to be able to have the ability to trade their shares with IFXBG.

IFXBG Limited is an FSA regulated broker dealer, who has the ability to provide the ability to clear and settle trades through CREST onto the GXG Markets MTF and Regulated Markets.

Simon Kiero-Watson, Managing Director of GXG, said: “GXG Markets are pleased to offer a cost effective solution to ensure that companies traded on PLUS SX obtain a suitable alternative arrangements for the trading of their shares”.

A Three Tier Market – GXG Markets

What IFXBG Limited offers utilizing the GXG Markets UK is a simpler and more cost-effective route for companies to achieve a market quotation and offers a range of different solutions:

1. Over-the-counter (OTC) Market
2. Multi-Lateral Trading Facility (MTF)
3. Fully Regulated Market

Each market option offers real time live trading of shares, or for less liquid shares, a regular auction based trading platform. IFXBG as your GXG Broker Dealer is capable of listing your firm on all of the exchanges (most corporate advisors can only list on the OTC markets), IFXBG can trade the GXG shares and trade GXG listed stock, IFXBG can form bonds and trade bonds on the exchange for client companies, and clear and settle investor shares on the GXG.

Making a Market on the GXG Stock Exchange

As a regulated broker dealer on the GXG, IFXBG can get involved with making a market on the sophisticated investor stock exchange, “GXG Markets.” Once listed, strategies can be developed for extraordinary-market making agreements to ensure trading.

GXG Markets Investor Relations – Bloomberg, Reuters, and a Sophisticated Investor Register

GXG Market clients require investor relations and market making once listed on the exchange. In order to develop interest for your firm once you have moved onto the GXG Markets, there is “exchange supplied” services for accessing the basic Press Release services through Reuters and Bloomberg, while there are more advanced investor relations on a network of over 1,000 domain names on global financial markets that appeal and drive interest to a sophisticated investor register that can “invest” in GXG markets. As the most advanced source of Investor Relations for the GXG market companies, planning with whom you list and sponsor your firm can make the difference in who has interest in your firm. IFXBG is your all in one choice for listing and trading on the GXG markets.

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