The London Aim Listing Rules are more stringent than other OTC Markets such as the NYSE Euronext or GXG, and require, audited financials, 10% shares to be in public hands, disclosure rather than prior approval regime, prospectus documents to be filed, vetted admission documents through a NOMAD as the only method of being sponsored and listed, listing timeframes that take a minimum of 3 months, upward of 6 months. A NOMAD is required at all times.

The London Stock Exchange listing process with Stock Exchange Listings requires initially:

  • A discussion and meeting with your firm to ensure you are qualified and prepared with documentation to begin the process of going public on the AIM markets
  • A Checklist which requires filling to meet the NOMADs requirements and to ensure the parts of the corporate structure are in place
  • Writing of the documentation for the NOMAD to easily produce the Prospectus documents with the Legal and Corporate Advisors
  • Accounting review and preparation of the financial documentation for entry into the prospectus document, including full disclosure of all material contracts and assets and verification
  • A third party valuation of the Company based upon all of the information gathered during the listing process
  • A step by step manual and process for piecing together a variety of appendix documents to form the final admissions documents to the NOMAD for admission to the Exchange
  • Final sponsorship reviews with the Exchange and NOMAD

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