The Best Stock Exchange To List in Europe 2013 for OTC Markets, GXG Markets, Frankfurt, London Stock Exchange, NYSE, Ireland

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As per the last year 2012 recommendations posted, this year’s numbers are in for all entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, auditors, broker dealers, and investors to consider. Based on the first year of operations of the GXG Markets, with the success of attracting new companies, the new Exchange h...

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Berlin Stock Exchange Decides to NOT accept GXG Markets as of March 15th 2013

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For Immediate Release March 20th 2013 In correspondence to IFXBG Limited, we have confirmed for all clients and markets that the Berlin Stock Exchange does not and will not dual list firms into Germany from GXG Main Quote. Therefore, First Quote and MTF Markets which are “exchange” regulated by G...

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IFXBG Limited Withdraws Membership from GXG Markets and Appoints RST Capital as Client Sponsor

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For Immediate Release (Special Message: If you are looking to list on the GXG Markets UK, the best broker dealer to contact is RST Capital, or email Effective immediately, IFXBG will send all listings to RST Capital for the GXG Markets.) For Immediate Re...

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Upgrade your GXG Listing to a full London Stock Exchange Listing!

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The GXG Markets First Quote has been an interesting stepping stone for equity for new SME firms, however, the platform that remains the leading exchange and trading platform within the UK is the London Stock Exchange. Recently, many firms have been enticed to upgrade to the GXG MTF or MAIN quotat...

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GXG Markets: 62 GXG Stock Exchange Listings, Lead Broker still IFXBG Limited

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Having personally reviewed all 62 companies listed on the GXG Market, and having listed and filed or worked with over 25% of the exchange, IFXBG Limited is one of the foremost experts on the GXG Markets. (PDF Of GXG UK Post: GXG Markets List 62 Companies

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GXG Markets: Frankfurt Ends Trading Dec. 14th 2012 as Companies Rush To List on the GXG Markets with Lead Broker IFXBG

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Due to the closure of the First Quotation Board in its current form, several hundred FSE Listings will be delisted Saturday December 15th 2012, therefore this coming Monday the 17th the firms will likely all be delisted if they have not filed a prospectus document. You will see book trading by ma...

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GXG Shells for Sale – GXG Markets best alternative to Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Liquidity, and Trading

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GXG Shell for Sale- GXG Markets best alternative for Frankfurt Stock Exchange The Frankfurt Stock Exchange will delist all of the FQB companies December 15th this week on the basis they have not filed prospectus documents and or been upgraded to the Entry Standard of the Deutsche Bourse. The quic...

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Venture Capital and Full Service Go Public Process For Companies Looking To IPO and Raise Capital!

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For over 20 years, the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group ( as a consortium has been listing firms through the well-known brands of OTC Listings (for US OTC stock exchange Listings), FSE Listings (for Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings), London Stock Exchange L...

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Upcoming IPO: How we set-up a turn-key go public strategy for your business! Go Public Pro’s

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Go Public with a Turn-Key Public Company, Open Brokerage Accounts for Shareholders, Public Relations and Capital Raising Our firm has listed public companies and shells on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, LSE, AIM, GXG, Berlin, US OTCBB, TSX, and ASX. The companies are available for sale to firms wh...

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GXG Listings: The Fastest Growing OTC Market within the UK for SME’s

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GXG UK (For Immediate Release) The UK GXG Markets has enabled several companies globally (via the global exchange group) to list smaller start-up companies and quality firms on an international London Exchange market. Within the UK, there are 3 main exchanges, the OTC markets, the MTF markets, an...

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